5 Clever Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Whether you’re considered a “traditional” bride or not, you definitely want your wedding to reflect your personality as well as your groom’s personality. There are lots of little ways that you can do this, without changing things up too much. Here are 5 super cute ways to personalize your wedding.

1. Create Your Own Cocktail 

This is a cute way to personalize your wedding! Create your own cocktail based on your favorite alcohol and mixer choices. Then, name it after your new last name.

Personalized Wedding Cocktails

Photo Source: thelittlegarlic.com

2. Include Your Pet

Find a clever way to include your pet in your wedding ceremony. This is great for couples who adore their animal(s). Maybe your pooch can be your ring bearer or your cat could pose for wedding photos.

Dog with Bride and Groom at Wedding

Photo Source: hwtm.com

3. Engrave Your Candles


Use a toothpick or straight pin to engrave your candles. You can write your favorite poem, your song or something else. Rub cinnamon paste (cinnamon mixed with a small amount of oil) over the candles so the cinnamon will stick into the letters. It will make the engraving stand out and make the candles smell delicious!

Engraved Wedding Candle

Photo Source: weddings.craftgossip.com

4. Wear Non-Traditional Shoes

Put on your favorite pair of cowboy boots, your worn pair of Converse running shoes or a pair of rain boots. This is a really cute way to infuse your personality into your ensemble.

Converse Wedding Shoes

Photo Source: denuevaphoto.com

5. Use an Alternative Wedding Bouquet

If you don’t want the expense or guilt of carrying cut flowers for your wedding, have a bouquet made of jewelry, paper flowers, butterflies, or something else. The options are endless!

Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet

These are just a few ideas for making your wedding truly personalized. It’s the little details that charm guests. Let these ideas inspire you or come up with your own!

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