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Rustic themed weddings are very popular right now, and if you’re planning one of your very own, you’re going to love this post. Today we’re going to talk about elements that can really help create a rustic feel for your wedding.

  1. Wooden Crates

5 Great Elements for a Rustic Wedding

Wooden crates are the perfect addition to a rustic wedding! They can be used for a variety of things, from holding drinks to holding wedding greeting cards.

  1. Burlap

5 Great Elements for a Rustic Wedding

Another fantastic addition to a rustic wedding, burlap simply gives that very shabby chic feel to any project. Use a burlap runner on white linen tables, add burlap roses to your bouquet or create burlap boutonnières.

  1. Raffia

5 Great Elements for a Rustic Wedding

This material has a wonderful rustic look to it, making it perfect for adding to chair backs, wedding invitations, and centerpieces. It can really tie together the elements of your rustic wedding.

  1. Lace

5 Great Elements for a Rustic Wedding

Lace is another perfect addition. Lace can make anything feel vintage and hand-made, so it’s perfect for adding to invitations, tabletops, and even the dress!

  1. Wooden Signs

5 Great Elements for a Rustic Wedding

These are really popular right now and can be really adorable. The great thing about creating wooden signs is that you can infuse your personality into them very easily.

These elements are all great for a rustic chic wedding. Try to incorporate these into your décor, or use them as functional elements of your wedding.

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Even modern brides who reject antiquated wedding traditions often embrace a vintage style when it comes to their look.

Maybe it’s because of our untainted view of a more innocent romance of our grandmother’s time or maybe it’s due to the popularity of Downton Abbey.  Whatever the reason, many of today’s brides love adding a bit of old fashioned style to their special day looks.

Here are a few tips on how to incorporate that perfect vintage touch to your bridal ensemble.


  1. The Dress

The most obvious way to pull in a vintage influence is, of course, in your dress.  And since many designers are looking to the past for inspiration, you can easily find a dress that has just a bit of vintage flair or one that’s a near-replica of your favorite old style.

Look for a gown with these vintage design details:

  • A tea-length hemline is a great way to capture the spirit of 50s and 60s brides.
  • Lace is always a good bet for nodding to the past.
  • Err on the side of modesty – your granny and her friends didn’t wear strapless, low-cut styles.  Use sheer lace or chiffon for a nice compromise between bare and covered.
  • Go for an off-white or tea-stained color for a bit of sepia-tinged charm.


  1. The Jewels

Vintage brides were all about the rhinestones and pearls – they didn’t stray far from the classic, white, feminine aesthetic, but you shouldn’t be limited by that.  Why not opt for an update on the classic cameo design?  Find one that comes in a fun accent color that will stand out against your white look.

If you really want to be authentic, spend a Sunday scouring the antique shops or checking out what’s available on Etsy or Ebay.  You can often find gorgeous estate jewelry at a decent price…and no one has to know that it wasn’t your grandmother’s necklace.  No matter which pieces you choose, just make sure that they complement your overall look.  For example, you should forego a necklace if you’re wearing a gown with an intricate neckline.

  1. The Headpiece


The bridal headpiece is the perfect element for adding nostalgic drama and elegance.  There are so many great styles from the past in the form of veils, hats, fascinators and hair accessories.  And because this is the piece that puts the icing on the cake of your outfit, make sure to choose something that really makes you feel like the romantic star of our own show.

Here are a few great headpiece looks from the past:

  • Blusher veils – This style usually refers to veils that fall to just below the chin – they can be worn alone or accompanied by a longer veil that cascades down the back of your dress. This short style was very popular in the 50s and works well for those who want to leave their veil on after the ceremony.
  • Birdcage – The netted birdcage style is reminiscent of the 40s and gives brides a very sweet, whimsical look.  It’s usually affixed to the head with a decorative clip or barrette.  For a true vintage vibe, go for a clip that has feathers or beads.  This style also looks very pretty when combined with a fresh flower.
  • Juliet Cap – This design is dripping with romance that brings to mind fairy tale brides of the middle ages.  There are many variations, but the general idea is that instead of being clipped to the hair, the veil is used to cover the top of the head, often with some embellishment.
  1. The Hair


You should pick your veil before you begin thinking about a hair style.  Let the veil’s length and position guide you first and foremost.  And consider meeting with your hair stylist pre-wedding to try out a few of these fun styles and see what you like best.

  • Bouffant – Pile it high and clip your blusher veil or birdcage fascinator to the very top.
  • Side Chignon – Sweep it low and to the side and clip a fresh flower to the base.
  • Finger Waves – Get those deep, textured waves the Downton Abbey girls do so well.
  1. The Extras

Here are a few extra touches you can use to bring a bit of vintage charm to your look:

  • Gloves – Whether you go short or long, satin or lace, gloves are a surefire way to add traditional elegance.
  • Color – Certain colors are evocative of certain eras.  If you want to add accents, choose colors like turquoise, dusty rose and mint green.
  • Capelet – Instead of a wrap or a bolero, choose a capelet that you can easily tie around your shoulders.
  • Bouquet – The flowers you carry are another opportunity for a vintage touch.  Opt for a slightly wild look and tie together with strips of lace.

You don’t have to be a full devotee of vintage style to add elements of traditional romance to your wedding day look.  A nod to the old can be perfect for a modern dress or can add interest to a simple gown.  Pick your favorite era from the past and let it guide your choices.

authorAuthor Bio:  Nicole Betti is the owner of Gold Coast Couture, an online shop that specializes in high-end, formal accessories from a wide array of European designers.  Nicole’s main passion is wedding hats, which inspired her to carry exclusive collections that are rarely available in the U.S.   For more information, visit Gold Coast Coutureor connect with Nicole on Google+!

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