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Elegant Estate Wedding

This estate wedding that is just the epitome of elegance but not to the point where things start to look so stiff and so refined because this event still had quite a few sweet and DIY details to boot such as chalkboards and Polaroid stations. I also love the mismatched jewel colored bridesmaids dresses. The cake was also something to look forward to as it is beautiful in all it’s simplicity. And our bride was glowing in her amazing A-line wedding gown. Congratulations on such a wonderful day Philana & Jake!


The Newest and Hottest Wedding Accessory: The Floral Wedding Headpiece

ShareTweetSharePinLinked InStumbleUpon Fashion-forward brides are always on the lookout for the newest and hottest wedding accessories, themes, ideas and trends. This year, one of the fastest-emerging trends amongst brides of all ages and tastes is the floral wedding headpiece. It’s elegant and beautiful and can be worn many different ways, so it suits the taste and personality of […]


Romantic Walk in the Park – An Engagement Session

I feel like this is what our couple usually looks like whenever they walk their adorable dog in the park. Like they’d just have to stop once in a while because they can’t keep their hands off each other. So sweet! If you’re really anxious on posing in front of the camera for the first time, then why not reenact something that you both do regularly – just like this album. It will hit two purposes too since it’ll be more special because you’re documenting something that really shows your personality and habits as a couple. It makes for such natural and amazing photos. Congratulations on a beautiful album Alexis & Stas!


A New York Forever

Even without the winter, NYC can be quite cold – not literally but figuratively since New Yorkers are always rushing by (hence the phrase, a New York minute) and not minding anybody else. So our couple today warmed this city by their beautiful elopement ceremony in the Grand Central Station. Their first kiss as husband and wife caught the daily commuters’ attention and they stopped their tracks to cheer them on. What a lovely sight that would’ve been right? Aside from that scene, they also braved the city’s chilly Christmas weather for some awesome shots ranging from the central park, to the subway, and even, spots that were filled with tourists. I mean, I already love this awesome city and I thought I couldn’t love it any further, but add in a romantic wedding, and it just kicked it up a notch! Congratulations Angie & Josh!

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