A Graceful Romance

This is one fine wedding, I must say. Photos taken inside and outdoors both looked so elegant and not in a standoffish kind of way but in a warm and welcoming manner. I specially loved the couple’s after ceremony shoot in what looked like a garden – they looked like monarchs having a beautiful walk around their vast estate. Then, their reception was another kind of elegance and everything in it looked so radiant and lovely. Congratulations Irina & Jacob!

6 Beautiful Spring Engagement Photo Ideas

Congratulations on your engagement! If you’re looking for the best possible engagement photo ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. We absolutely love the following spring engagement photo ideas. Use them for inspiration as you decide on your own engagement photos.

Stunning Wedding Dresses for Pregnant Brides

These days, families come in all shapes and sizes. Whereas in the past it was difficult to find a dress to accommodate a pregnant bride, these days there are nearly as many available as regular wedding dresses. Check out these gorgeous wedding dresses that are perfect for pregnant brides.


A Beautiful Winery Proposal

This feature is another proof why documented surprise proposals are the best. Although I’m sure that the bride and groom can tell the story in complete details, a picture can tell a thousand words and having a bunch of them is a love story book in itself.

Paul & Elise had a beautiful engagement session that was started off by a perfect proposal. I love how Elise was so ecstatic and thrown off guard that she dropped down and knelt on the ground with Paul. It was such an amazing and sweet gesture. I can’t even try to describe it with words so we’re lucky that we get to feature these moments on our blog. Congratulations Paul & Elise!

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