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New York: Glamour And Luxury

Fabio and Marisa had the most enchanting and luxurious wedding at no other than New York City. The wedding was so big and glamorous with red and gold color scheme. The church was also as glamorous as the reception – The New York Public Library.


5 Ways to Plan a Disastrous Wedding

Do you want your wedding to be a complete and total disaster? Would you prefer if chaos ensued and nothing happened the way it was supposed to? Maybe you want one single detail to throw the whole affair off kilter in a traumatizing but poetic sort of way. If so, check out our 5 ways to plan a disastrous wedding…or you can avoid these things if you’d like your wedding day to go smoothly!

Personalized cake cutter

Formal Resort Wedding

It was a joyous celebration for the couple not only because it’s their wedding but also for the love from the people around them.


Wedding Ceremony Send Off: Rice Alternatives

When it comes to wedding send offs, rice has seen its day and just isn’t that popular anymore. So, what alternatives are there, other than paper confetti (which can be pretty messy)? Check out these fantastic ideas for wedding ceremony send-offs!

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