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All Smiles in Cheshire

Yes, that title is indeed a wordplay of the Cheshire cat smile and this wedding’s venue, Cheshire, UK – because this day was brimming with big smiles. I went through the whole album and almost all pictures of the bride and groom were of them smiling up to their ears. It’s honestly infectious! But really, who could blame them. This was such a beautiful day for their union as one. And the details were gorgeous so there was definitely no room for frowning. But aside from this aspect of the wedding, I am also in awe of the artistic photos of our couple that were captured by their photographer. I love these dramatic shots as much as the candid photos. Congratulations Carolyn and Simon!


The Navy Blues – An Engagement Shoot

A navy flight captain and a pretty lady in navy. What a coordinating pair! The shoot’s location, Navy Aviation Museum Memorial, and the couple’s outfit matched perfectly together that it might as well be a still from a movie. One I would definitely watch! Rina’s taste when it comes to her engagement dresses are so on point too, the polka dotted and the floral prints provided a nice vintage vibe that went well with the aircraft displayed in the background. Congratulations Rina and Jay!


Beautiful Wedding Garland Ideas

Wedding garland is extremely popular right now, and there are so many different kinds that it can make your head spin. If you’re still in the planning phases of your wedding, check out some of these beautiful wedding garland ideas!


Romantic Elopement in Italy

“It’s my groom (bride) who helped me get ready for my wedding day” is definitely not a sentence we usually associate with wedding days. We’re so used to brides and grooms having “first looks” after they’ve been pampered by their respective stylist or family and friends. So I really love how our featured couple today had the opportunity to go beyond the norms for they had each other to help them with preparing for this special day. And who said elopement meant dressing down? Hannah and Gareth definitely looked dapper and lovely with their dress and suit. What a romantic day in Italy. Congratulations you two!

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