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Pretty in Peacock

Pretty in Peacock

Jennifer and William wanted one thing clear for their wedding: they wanted to stand out. Because of that, they had a lovely wedding in the colors of a peacock feather – teal, to be exact.

Engagement Rings That Fit Your Budget and That Perfect Image in Your Mind

Engagement Rings That Fit Your Budget and That Perfect Image in Your Mind

Many couples are under the impression that they need to spend a small fortune to find the perfect engagement ring. That’s simply not true! Couples who know where to look can find an unbelievably gorgeous engagement ring that is also affordable, and those who are on the lookout for unique rings can get them without breaking the bank.

Verigin & Ramsay (1)

Under The Sunny Blue Sky

The vintage rustic vibe this wedding gave is on point. The beautiful ranch venue set the bars high on this one. The greenery matched very well the motif and theme. I love how they carpeted the green grassy aisle with white petals. The big barn and the pine trees made for a breathtaking backdrop. A tip to those who wants to save on their reception: go with nature, it has never been a letdown.


6 of the Cutest Bridal Shower Invitations You Haven’t Seen

The bridal shower is the perfect soiree for the girls before the wedding; time to honor the bride and bond before the big day. Whether the bride is funky and flirtatious, elegant and conservative, or boho and eclectic, the invitation should be an expression of her. Check out the six cutest bridal invitations from Basic Invite!

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