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The Lush Of Nature And Love

When you both crave and live for an adventure, it is only apt for your wedding to be non-traditional – the outdoors. I love how the nature’s lush made to be part in this wedding, the tall trees, and green grass were already a perfect “decor” or backdrop. While looking at Molly and Brandon’s wedding all I can think about is how seemingly lovely everything was. They cleverly thought that the perfect motif to go for would be red since it is an excellent contrast to the nature’s color. And though the reception was indoors they put wildflowers in vases as centerpieces to still give that outdoorsy vibe.


Wedding Trends: ‘Gotta Have’ or ‘Get Over It Already’?

As a future bride, there’s no doubt you’ve thumbed through all the magazines and visited all the best wedding websites. You know the trends, including what’s hot and what’s not. Today we’re taking a look at some of the most popular wedding trends and we want to know what you think – is it something you “gotta have” or something you wish everyone would “get over already?”

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Modern and Sophisticated Engagement In Manhattan

Brianna and Greg’s photographer captured not only the beautiful structures of Manhattan but also the love between them. The couple had a lot of beautiful structural backgrounds – The Manhattan Library, Brooklyn Bridge, and DUMBO Brooklyn. I also loved the first outfit the couple wore very apt for the beautiful interior The Manhattan Library had, very sophisticated. I could only imagine the fun they had during the session. Congratulations Brianna and Greg!

Back view of a young woman in wedding dress looking at bridal gowns on display in boutique

The Search For Affordable Wedding Dressess

Finding the perfect dress is at the top of a bride-to-be’s wedding checklist. And getting it for a cheap price would be a great deal. It’s not being cheap; it’s practical really. Yes, you may want that most beautiful dress on your wedding day but let’s be honest you’re only going to wear it ones. After the wedding, it will just be in a closet collecting dust. In this generation, there are a lot of up and coming designers that sells beautiful designs for a “reasonable” price. But sometimes no matter how “reasonable” it is it could be too much. But wait, there is hope, you can have that designer-esque dress for a cheaper price.

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