Brides who will soon be attending wedding dress fittings often wonder who they should bring with them. The first people to spring to mind are probably your mom, sisters, best friends, bridesmaids, etc. However, wedding experts might have you second-guessing yourself when it comes to choosing one or more people to accompany you.

jennifer pritchard bridal

jennifer pritchard bridal

Going Alone vs. Bringing Someone

Most experts do not recommend that you go alone when it comes to dress fittings. There are a few different reasons for this. First and foremost, you want to have the opinion of someone you trust fully, so you can determine whether you really want to get a particular dress.

This person can tell you whether the dress really flatters your body type, and whether it’s the dress you’re going to glow in for your wedding day. They can also provide practical help, such as taking a picture of the back of the dress so you can see how you look. If you must go alone, choose a boutique where you trust the salespeople and can rely on them to step into those “helper” shoes.

Easy Weddings

Easy Weddings

Bringing One Person vs. Bringing Everyone

Many brides think, ‘the more, the merrier,’ when it comes to dress fittings. If you’ve ever seen “Say Yes to the Dress,” then you might already know the problem with that. If you bring 6 different girls with you, you’re going to have 6 different opinions to deal with.

A dress that you think is absolutely stunning may not be so great to one of your bridesmaids simply because it’s not her taste. You might end up second-guessing yourself when in reality, that particular dress is the best possible dress for you. This is why it’s often better to bring one or two people with you as opposed to many.

The Inspired Bride

The Inspired Bride

 Tips on Choosing the Person(s) to Bring:

The following tips can ensure that you bring the right person or persons with you to the fitting:

  • Make sure you trust their opinion 100%.
  • Know that the person you bring will be totally honest and won’t have a problem telling you when a dress may not be as flattering as another.
  • Bring someone with a similar body type and have them try on dresses with you!

By using these tips and suggestions, you can make sure your fittings are efficient and lots of fun.


Whether you’re planning a romantic wedding, a formal wedding or a whimsical theme, we have a great DIY project that costs virtually nothing. These wedding cones are meant to hold confetti that guests can toss at the end of the ceremony. Don’t worry – this is an easy project and looks absolutely amazing.


What You’ll Need:

  • An old or damaged book that you can salvage the pages from.
  • Magazines, scrapbook paper, colored paper – to make confetti from.
  • Glue and scissors.

How to Create Them:

Start by removing several book pages, making sure they come out cleanly and straight. Each page will become a confetti cone. You’ll want to make sure the page is square before you start, so cut the page to ensure that it’s the same measurement in length and width.

Next, arrange the page so that one of the points is toward you and the other is pointing away from you. Then, take the two corners and pull them together, overlapping them, so that you create a “cone.” It’s super easy to do, but may take a few tries in order to get it perfectly straight.

Glue along the bottom edge to keep the cone together. You can make the cone a little fancier by adding ribbon, glitter, etc.

Making the Confetti:

Making the confetti is super easy. All you have to do is use a hole punch (round or any other shape you’d like) and punch out a ton of shapes from various colored papers or magazine pages. Save them and fill each cone with confetti. That’s all there is to it; this is a fun project to do with friends while you’re watching a movie or enjoying a girls night.

If you want the confetti to be a little more eco-friendly, use dried flower petals, bird seed, flower seeds, etc.