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Writing Your Wedding Vows: Where to Start

While the idea of personal wedding vows is very appealing to many couples, some soon-to-be brides and grooms freeze when it comes down to doing the actual writing. They might think ‘I’m not a writer – I can’t do this,’ or ‘I’m afraid my vows will sound stupid.’ The tips below will help you figure […]

Sadana (1)

You Jump, I Jump

It has been a trend for couples to have engagement sessions underwater. Now, underwater shots after the wedding are catching up. Be it in the big blue ocean, pool or the lake just like Chirag and Kristen’s. They had a day of splashes as they jumped and posed underwater for awesome newlywed portraits. These two really know how to have fun. Go on and take a dive in Chirag and Kristen’s fun-filled shoot.

Angeli & Connor (20)

Walking Down the Chevron Carpet

Hello to all wedding fanatics! It’s a brand new day which means a new featured couple. And just one more day we will be welcoming September. Indeed, time flies by so fast, and we know you are excited about Fall wedding posts because we are too. Today’s featured couple got hitched last year 31st of August, and yes tomorrow they will be a year married.

Arynn Photography (8)

Paper Princess’ Wedding

I must admit this is such an eco-friendly wedding with paper as the primary element. Not to mention colorful too! Chartreuse and pink dominated the whole style that gave off a fun vibe. I like the design flow of this styled shoot. It is not only eco-friendly. It is also cost-friendly since most of the decors are DIY. This kind of style is really suitable for carefree and outgoing couples. I just adore everything in this styled shoot. Kudos to the team behind this cute shoot!

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