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An Age of Vintage Elegance

An Age of Vintage Elegance

I’m not sure if this breathtakingly beautiful wedding happened last year or back in the 1940’s. Inspired by the elegant beauty that transformed post-WWII style, Gemma and Daniel set out to have their dream destination wedding in Cyprus.

Gately & Waldron (3)

Life Is A Beautiful And Colorful Ride

Lawrence and Betts’ wedding bursted with color. From the bright lanterns down to the pretty pinwheels, it all screamed fun and party. Betts put all her effort into making her wedding day as colorful as it can be. Looking at it made me feel happy and ecstatic — colors can do that to you. By far this theme suited all of the decors and accents. I love every bit of it! Congratulations, Lawrence & Betts!

Rohs & Fanslau (1)

Intro to Theater Then Into Your Heart

It’s funny how from simple crush things could end up with a wedding! Brendan and Nicole’s story is one those of we see in the movies. They even had a meet-cute in an elevator, I mean if that’s not fate I don’t know what is. Follow their journey that led to this wedding feature from the bride herself.

Mercedes & Marc (9)

Shower Me With Your Love

What would you do when it suddenly rains on your wedding day? Not let it ruin your big day of course! Take it from Marc and Mercedes, the two postponed their couple photograph session as it downpoured when they were about to take them.

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