Garden Wedding Décor: Floral Chairs

This is a very pretty way to glam up your garden wedding. You can go the inexpensive and easy route and use silk flowers, or you can use fresh flowers if you wish. The look is very natural and beautiful and works well for a variety of different themes.

Garden Decor on Wedding Chair

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What You Need

For this idea, you’ll need chairs with slats or holes in the backs for wrapping. It will not work if you’re planning to use chair slip covers or if the chairs have flat backs with no slats. You’ll need several flowers or bunches of greenery for each chair, floral tape, and ribbon.

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How to Do It

You’ll want to start fairly early in the day so you can get the look just right. You might need to play with it a little bit to get it the way you want it. You simply take the stems from the flowers or flower bunches and tape them to the chair using floral tape. You can go up the sides and across the top. Use greenery to fill in the areas where the chair shows.

Once you’ve gotten the chair the way you want, use ribbon to tie bows and cover the areas where you’ve placed the floral tape (unless it’s green and hidden).

It’s an easy way to decorate the chairs but the overall look is very elegant and beautiful! Use the same kinds of flowers in your centerpieces and the whole look comes together and is very breathtaking.

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