Finding “The One”: Superstitions of the Past

Hello! I got a little book over the weekend with some fun little tidbits in it that I simply must share with you! (The book, “Just for the Bride”, is published by Parragon Publishing.) This first post is, as the title states, about some superstitions young ladies of the day believed would help lead them to their future husbands. Read on to see what you might have been told if you were searching for Mr. Right.

“On Christmas Eve, stand before the fireplace and gaze into the flames to see the image of your future husband.”

“If you love a man and want to know if he will propose, throw a nut into the fire and say his name. If the nut jumps, you’ll marry. If the nut doesn’t move, the relationship will have no spark.”


“You can learn the temperament of your future husband by plucking a piece of hay from a hayloft at midnight. A crooked piece foretells a surly man; a straight piece signifies a good-natured man.”


“In case you are lucky enough to be a bridesmaid, plant a spring of myrtle in front of the newlywed’s home. If it takes root, you’ll marry within the year.”

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“Peel an apple in a single strip and toss the peal over your left shoulder. The shape of the peel will reveal the first letter of the name of your spouse to be.”

apple peal

“Pluck some wild daisies from a nearby field and put the roots under your pillow to dream of your groom.”

“On All Hallows Eve, brush your hair three times in front of the mirror. If you glimpse a man standing behind you, wedding bells will ring before the year is through.” (I don’t know about you, but I find this one rather creepy)

“When attending a wedding, be sure to take a piece of groom’s cake home and put it under your pillow. That night the face of your future husband will appear in your dreams.”


Note: Traditionally, groom’s cakes were fruitcakes…thanks goodness times have changed!

If the groom’s cake bit doesn’t work, “soak your shoelaces in water until they are saturated. Then throw them against the wall to see the initials of your soon to be betrothed.”

Hope you enjoyed! I think these types of things are always fun. And, it’s always fabulous to see where some of the things we still do today came from. Share with us any traditions or superstitions you’ve heard of or your family still participates in!

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