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If you and your future groom are total book nerds, you might want to incorporate that love of literacy into your wedding ceremony. There are many different wonderful ways to do this, and checking out the ideas other brides have had can inspire you!

Save the Date Photos

Beautiful Book Nerd Wedding Ideas

You can easily incorporate your book nerd theme into your save the date photos. Perhaps a picture of you both reading, or a picture of you holding books that have your wedding date on them would be perfect!

Bookish Wedding Cakes

Beautiful Book Nerd Wedding Ideas

Have your baker prepare something super “bookish” for your wedding cake. Go with a stack of books that look vintage or choose your favorite passage from a book and have it written on the wedding cake. It’s even more perfect if it’s a romantic passage that explains you and your future groom perfectly.

Get Married in a Library

Beautiful Book Nerd Wedding Ideas

You might not have thought of it, but why not say your I do’s in a library? There are various libraries that will actually allow you to reserve the place for special events. Check to see whether there is anything available in your area.

Bookish Centerpieces

Beautiful Book Nerd Wedding Ideas

Make centerpieces by binding together a few of your favorite books in raffia and tying them. You can also name each table rather than give it a number. Use the names of your favorite books! This is such a cute idea, and you’ll have a lot of fun planning it.

Find Book-Themed Foods

Beautiful Book Nerd Wedding Ideas

This is perhaps our absolute favorite idea! Serve your guests foods from your favorite books. In this picture, you’ll see that the bride was absolutely crafty in providing chocolate pies from the book The Help.She made sure to leave a note telling guests that the notorious chocolate pie ingredient from this book was left out!

These are just a few wonderful book nerd wedding ideas that might inspire you as you plan your own wonderful bookish wedding.

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So you’ve chosen your maid of honor out of your group of friends and family members, but you’re starting to worry that she won’t be able to handle the demands. Maybe she hasn’t planned the bridal shower at all or perhaps she isn’t making it to your fittings or scheduled events. Here are a few ways to delicately handle it when your maid of honor doesn’t have a clue!

What to do if Your Maid of Honor Doesn’t Have a Clue

  1. Enlist Some Help

Ask another bridesmaid that you trust to help your maid of honor. Sit down with both of them and let your maid of honor know that you know everything that still needs to be planned and you don’t want her to be overwhelmed. Casually mention the things that she’s been slacking with, and tell her that you’ve enlisted your other bridesmaid to assist her. This is a gentle way to help her out a little and make sure everything gets done.

  1. Ask Her if She Needs Anything

Another gentle way to let your maid of honor know what still needs to be done, or to find out if there’s an issue preventing her from getting it done is to ask if she needs anything. You can say something along the lines of, “I know we still have to do the bridal shower planning and all that, so I wanted to ask if there’s anything you need from me. Don’t hesitate to call or come over if there’s anything you need.”

What to do if Your Maid of Honor Doesn’t Have a Clue

  1. Create a Memo

Another very helpful thing you can do for your maid of honor is to create a memo of everything that needs to be completed. Of course, you’re going to want to give one to every bridesmaid so your maid of honor doesn’t feel targeted. Have a mini meeting and talk about who will help with each item on the list. This will give your maid of honor a little reminder of all the things that need to be completed and how much time you have to complete it all.

Wedding planning can be really stressful and if you feel that you’re doing it all on your own, you’re really going to be stressed. These methods can help ensure that everyone is on the right track and that things are getting done.