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Rustic themed weddings are very popular right now, and if you’re planning one of your very own, you’re going to love this post. Today we’re going to talk about elements that can really help create a rustic feel for your wedding.

  1. Wooden Crates

5 Great Elements for a Rustic Wedding

Wooden crates are the perfect addition to a rustic wedding! They can be used for a variety of things, from holding drinks to holding wedding greeting cards.

  1. Burlap

5 Great Elements for a Rustic Wedding

Another fantastic addition to a rustic wedding, burlap simply gives that very shabby chic feel to any project. Use a burlap runner on white linen tables, add burlap roses to your bouquet or create burlap boutonnières.

  1. Raffia

5 Great Elements for a Rustic Wedding

This material has a wonderful rustic look to it, making it perfect for adding to chair backs, wedding invitations, and centerpieces. It can really tie together the elements of your rustic wedding.

  1. Lace

5 Great Elements for a Rustic Wedding

Lace is another perfect addition. Lace can make anything feel vintage and hand-made, so it’s perfect for adding to invitations, tabletops, and even the dress!

  1. Wooden Signs

5 Great Elements for a Rustic Wedding

These are really popular right now and can be really adorable. The great thing about creating wooden signs is that you can infuse your personality into them very easily.

These elements are all great for a rustic chic wedding. Try to incorporate these into your décor, or use them as functional elements of your wedding.

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If you’re looking for a fantastic (and super easy) bridal shower dessert, this one is sure to please! These delicious cupcakes are made from a box, but your guests will never know. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 box chocolate cake mix (your favorite)
  • 1 container white buttercream frosting
  • 1 bottle caramel ice cream topping
  • 1 bottle chocolate ice cream topping
  • 1 package of pecans
  • Cupcake wrappers

Remember that one box of cake mix will make about 15 cupcakes, so plan according to the number of guests you will have. Make the cupcakes according to the directions on the box, being extra careful not to bake them too long.

Easy Bridal Shower Dessert Fake Out: Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cupcakes

Making the Frosting

While your cupcakes are cooling, use a large spoon to put your frosting in a mixing bowl. Add 1/2 a cup of the caramel ice cream topping and a teaspoon of salt. Mix it until it’s completely blended. The frosting will be slightly thinner than it was when you started, so place it in the fridge to cool until you’re ready to frost your cupcakes.

Easy Bridal Shower Dessert Fake Out: Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cupcakes

Putting it All Together

Using a butter knife, cut a small slit in the top of each cupcake. Then, use your fingers to hold the cupcake open slightly as you pour a small amount of caramel from the bottle into the center of the cupcake. Frost the cupcakes with a butter knife, using about a tablespoon of frosting on each cupcake.

Once you’ve frosted them, drizzle a bit of chocolate topping over the frosting, and follow with a small amount of caramel topping as well. Then, add a few pecans to the top and you’re done. These cupcakes are absolutely delicious and taste like they were purchased at an upscale cupcake boutique. But, they’re easy to make and super inexpensive.