5 Cute Wedding Sign Ideas

Many brides are really getting into the planning of their weddings these days, and a lot are creating DIY projects that are pretty impressive. That’s where these great gems come from. These 5 signs are super cute and a great way to get messages across to guests! Check them out:

Directing Your Guests

This one is super cute and lets guests know where to go for the wedding ceremony. The great thing is that it’s perfect for any season, any theme. Plus, it wouldn’t be difficult at all to create.

Wedding 'I Do' Sign

Photo Source: jillianmitchell.net

Pick a Seat

This sign is a wonderful and subtle way to tell guests that they don’t have to sit for the bride or for the groom – since the families are becoming one, they should mingle and enjoy getting to know everyone!

Pick a Seat Wedding Sign


Happily Ever After

This can be another great sign for directing guests to the ceremony location, but it doesn’t have to be used for that. It works perfectly as a décor element because it’s so cute.

Happily Ever After Wedding Sign

Photo Source: etsy.com

Save the Date Sign

This sign can work perfectly for the ceremony but it’s also a great “save the date” picture opportunity. This can be used as your save the date cards you send out for guests.

Save the Date Sign

Photo Source: danandmelissaphotography.com

The Photo Booth

Finally, this sign is perfect for the photo booth. These are becoming more and more popular amongst brides and this sign lets guests know exactly what to do!

Photo Booth Sign

Each of these are adorable and work for every type of wedding. Use one in your own wedding or let them inspire you to create a unique sign all your own.

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